Can the aluminum foil containers heated in the microwave?

Yes, no problem.

Make sure the container is open,

prevent heat expand and cold contract causes explosion, do not use not common things as utensils in the microwave oven, it’s better use heat resisting package.

1, avoid making plastic film contact with food: when using fresh film, in the heating process, it is best not to make direct contact with food, food can be put into the bottom of a large bowl, with plastic film flat seal the mouth of the bowl or without plastic film directly covered with glass or porcelain, so that the water vapor can be sealed, so that the heating quickly and evenly.Before removing the food, puncture the plastic wrap to prevent it from sticking to the food.

2, avoid the use of closed container: liquid heating should be used in a wide mouth container, because the heat generated by food heating in the closed container is not easy to send out, so that the pressure in the container is too high, easy to cause spray explosion accident.Even in the frying with shelled food, also want to use a needle or chopsticks in advance to Pierce the shell film, so as not to cause after heating burst, bang splash dirty furnace wall.

3, avoid the use of metal vessels: because put into the furnace of iron, aluminum, stainless steel, enamel and other metal vessels, microwave oven in the heating will produce electric sparks and reflect microwave, both damage the furnace body and do not cook food.

4, avoid the common plastic container into the microwave oven heating: one is hot food will make the container deformation, the other is common plastic will release toxic substances, food pollution, harm human health.